Healing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Time and consistency are key aspects of chiropractic and how it helps patients with headaches,back and neck pain in Fort CollinsFort Collins Headache Chiropractor.  These are the main findings of a study published in the August 21, 2008 edition of the scientific journal, The Journal ofVertebral Subluxation Research.

In the past, chiropractic critics and major insurance companies have limited the number of visits to a chiropractor per year that are deemed necessary.  To maximize these insurance companies’ profits they claim no more than 6 to 12 visits are needed.  It is understood that every patient will respond differently to chiropractic care, a comprehensive study was done to find out whether or not limiting trips to the chiropractor has any scientific legitimacy.

Researchers examined randomized clinical trials to determine whether the 6-12 visit per year argument had some validity.  Forty-seven chiropractic studies were examined involving 2,069 patients suffering from headaches, back pain and neck pain.  The total number of subjects, their average number of visits, the total initial pain score, the total follow-up pain score and the percent of improvement were analyzed to synthesize the study.  Averages were calculated to decide the number of visits needed to resolve ailments such as headaches, neck and upper back pain.

Each individual’s results will vary, and the total number of visits to correct spinal injuries and subluxations was not a part of this study.  Relief and stabilization required an average of 24 visits for patients suffering from headaches, back pain and neck pain.  Progress in this study, was classified as helping the patient return to normal, which was defined as, proper range of motion and normal functioning in daily activities.

Is Tension Stressing you out?

The president of the International Chiropractors Association and a researcher for this study, Dr. John Maltby, explained “Every patient is a unique individual and will respond differently to chiropractic care. However, in reviewing the data, the evidence shows that placing an arbitrary limit of 6 to 12 on the number of visits for chiropractic care falls outside the averages and is not in the best interest of good patient care.  Each patient has a unique spine and will respond differently.”.

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