Repetive Motion injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most often Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Fort Collins is caused by repeating the same motions day in and day out, like typing on your computer.  When the computer first started appearing as commonplace in offices, who would have thought that it could cause so many troubles to employees?  In most offices the computer is an essential tool, but it has escalated the numbers of carpal tunnel syndrome cases.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel in the wrist in which structures such as the median nerve travel through and from which the syndrome gets its name.  In office workers, the repetitive motion injury begins with the wrist, and fingers making thousands of key strokes day after day, which break down the soft tissues faster than they can repair themselves and the effects, accumulate.  It ends up creating pain, weakness, tingling, burning, inability to perform daily tasks like open a door or lid without feeling the effects.  It the problem is left unattended for too long permanent neurologic damage may occur.

Computers are not the only cause to blame.  Any activity or job that requires the repetitive use of the fingers, wrists, or hands can be partially to blame.  Writing, sewing, construction, electricians, mechanics, and assembly line workers are just few.

 In reality, any part of your body is fair game for cumulative trauma disorders like tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome in Fort Collins.  It could present itself as low back pain, shoulder issues, or even headaches.

While there are many different causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, an experienced Fort Collins Chiropractor can help you find the cause of your troubles.  Call 970-491-9191 for your free consultation..

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