You could Stop Your Back and Leg Pain with this Simple Step

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Help Stop Your Back Pain by Moving your Wallet!

This can help to alleviate back pain and many other problems for those who sit at a desk for many hours a day.  When you are sitting at your desk your wallet, or anything else, should not be in your back pocket.

Sitting on you wallet can be the source of real pain in your back and even your legs.  When you sit on your wallet for long periods of time your sciatic nerve, which passes under your piriformis muscle (a cause of piriformis syndrome), can become irritated from the compression and can cause shooting, tingling, or even burning sensations down your leg, sciatica.

Sitting on your wallet causes your pelvis to be tilted which affects how the body must compensate so you can sit up straight.   Would you sit on a book or a rock for hours that caused your pelvis to wedged to one side?  Of course not, so you shouldn’t sit on your wallet either.  Even driving for 30 minutes while sitting on your wallet can cause you back pain or sciatic pain.

The best option is to just move your wallet to your front pocket. I know it will take a little bit to get use to, but If it puts a stop to your back pain it will save you a trip to to your favorite Fort Collins Chiropractor.

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