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Chance of Sciatica

Chance of Sciatica

Reduce Your Chance of Sciatica

Chiropractic and Sciatica

Sciatica is a pain that goes down the back of the leg along the path of the underlying sciatic nerve, a long nerve that begins in your lower back and extends down to each leg. It usually only affects one leg or the other but can involve both. It can happen in either men or women and many times is related to a trauma in thier past, repetitive motion injuries, or even a sedentary lifestyle, to name a few.

Although most cases are easily treatable in a few weeks with chiropractic care and specific exercises prescribed by your Fort Collins Chiropractor through non-operative procedures, some patients may need more time or possibly surgery depending on the severity, especially when they have neurologic symptomatology, incontinance, bladder, or bowel changes. Sciatica can become a very uncomfortable type of pain as it involves inflammation and numbness in the afflicted leg. Fortunately, you can engage in several diffrent Chiropractic techniques in Fort Collins to reduce your risk and manage Sciatica.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

An evaluation by a chiropractor is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of a Sciatica episode. Dr. Ullom has been treating patients with Sciatica for almost ten years . When you first begin experiencing pain, you should get evaluated sooner rather than latter.  The sooner your can get checked the better the likely hood of decreasing the duration of your symptomatlolgy.   Improving the function of your spine and nervous system will allow your body to perform it’s healing task ahead in a more efficient manor.

Postural Effects on the Spine

Poor posture has a devastating effect on the spine and nervous system.  Anterior weight bearing, contributed to by poor posture places pressure onto the spine affecting the discs which in short order causes the disc to creep or malform.   Prolonged periods of wear and tear on the disc will begin to degenerate the disc, which over even longer periods can lead to Degenerative Disc Disease and eventually Degenerative Joint Disease.  Watch you posture when sitting and standing, slouching in any position can be detrimental to your spine.


There are several different ways to stretch and even get a workout in while you are at it, if you know what you are doing.  Looking up some stretches on-line or listening to what has worked for your friend who has had back pain is a good way to most likely aggravate your symptomatology.   Properly performed stretches and exercises can help with sciatic pain, but know which exercises to perform and to avoid is the reason why professional oversight is of the utmost importance.

Cardio Workouts and Exercise Classes

Cardio machines and exercise classes are a way many of us get a workout in, but like stretching there are things that you can and can not do depending on you injury.  The workout routines at most gyms and studios are only as good as the instructor that is teaching them.  Some instructors are more attentive to it’s participants than others, so be very careful.  It is quite easy to train irregular movement patterns adapting movements to “get around the pain”.  Performed properly and through pain free motions workouts can be quite beneficial to strengthen your spine and body during and especially after your sciatic episode.


Massage Therapy

Addressing the musculature is a useful modality in some cases of Sciatica, and the often associated muscle aches and pains that go along with it.  The sciatic nerve is layered underneath the piriformis and glutes musculature. When the piriformis tightens, often due to a misaligned pelvis or femoral acetabular joint, it can put pressure onto the sciatic nerve.  Creating the symptoms of numbness and/or tingling in your leg. Myofascial work in conjunction with Chiropractic care works well for many episodes of Sciatica.

Dr. Mathew Ullom, BSc, DC is a Chiropractor in Fort Collins Colorado and has been running a private practice for nearly a there for nearly a decade.  If you are looking for a new perspective or second opinion give us a call, and we will evaluate you and give you an honest opinion.

Information on this site should not be used as medical advice or be used to treat or manage any condition or symptoms.  Please seek professional advice to help treat any symptoms no mater the severity.

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