Chiropractic: Disease-Prevention, Not Symptom-Prevention

Chiropractic: Disease-Prevention, Not Symptom-Prevention

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health, as chiropractors have helped millions avoid disease and major surgeries without the use of drugs for over a century.  The message chiropractors herald is that one must take a proactive approach to their body and make smart health choices to achieve long-term wellness.  They have trusted this method as opposed to the medical-surgical model of disease treatment and symptom masking which is incorporated into much of Western Medicine.  A chiropractor’s ultimate goal is a simple one: eliminate the source of the disease.

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Chiropractic proposes that disrupting the electrochemical signals sent down the spinal cord to the nerves throughout the body will have a negative impact on health in a variety of ways.  The body’s nervous system is as intricate as it is delicate, and nature has developed a stalwart shield to protect it, while allowing for natural human motion.  To protect the most important of organs, the brain, the skull has developed around it giving way to the brainstem and spinal cord, which are protected by the spine.  This brilliantly engineered spine allows you to walk upright, twist and turn thanks to 31 vertebra stacked neatly together, creating holes called foramina for nerves to exit the spinal cord.

What exits these foramina are the millions of nerves that carry messages from the brain to every aspect of the body, but since there is significant movement throughout our delicate spines, sometimes vertebra can slip out of line.

Chiropractors make sure each of these 31 vertebra are in line and articulate correctly so that the brain signals can be sent through the nerves, to their targets without disruption.  Chiropractors care for the spine and the systems around it to make sure the brilliantly intricate nervous system can function to its fullest potential.   However, if these disruptions, termed subluxations, are not corrected the effects can be disastrous and can ultimately lead to a loss of function.

Chiropractors have long been opposed to the over-prescription of drugs, use of food additives, fluoridation of water and a plethora of other contemporary issues that can disrupt natural wellbeing.  They embrace the growing body of evidence that health is comprised of a well functioning nervous system, proper eating and sleeping habits, exercise, and emotional and spiritual wellness.  A healthy spine is one that can function properly, and is properly inline to allow the body to function at its optimum capacity.  Seeing your chiropractor today will not only allow your body to heal and function better than ever, but also will promote long term health and prevent disease.

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