Our body’s shock absorption system

Our body’s all have their own systems to deal with the daily stresses that are put on our joints.  Muscles and connective tissue are the main ways our body deals with these stresses, by absorbing forces before they impact bones. Yes, our body’s joints are intricately designed, and for very specific purposes, but imbalances can cause them to degenerate over time.  After years, or even months of damage simple tasks like playing with your children or grandchildren or even cooking yourself food can become difficult.  Why “live” with debilitating joint pain when you can seek help?

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At Rocky Mountain Chiro Care we will gladly answer your questions and get you back on track to becoming joint pain free.  This includes performing exams, assessing your imbalances and helping your rehab those joints.  We know that the best way to rehabilitate joints is to strengthen them, so that is the path we will guide you on.  After all, weak joints that remain rested, even for long periods of time, will remain weak.   Joint rehab along with chiropractic treatment will benefit you as long as you stay active.  We may start you off with a simple regimen of stretching and exercising which will help you build muscle around your joints, free them of certain stresses and may even help correct some imbalances on its own.  Low impact exercises will be used in your regimen, as weak joints need time to strengthen and handle higher loads.  An easy pace will be recommended at first because your joints will need time to adjust.  Ultimately, stretching, walking and light exercise will strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system.  You should set 30 minutes each day to do these activities and your joints will thank you.   Heel strike is the moment at which your heal makes contact with the ground during walking or running.

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At this moment a shock wave is sent though your limb, which is normally absorbed by your joints and other connective tissues.  If you have joint imbalances, this heel strike can be quite painful because you may lack the connective tissue necessary to absorb these forces.  Chronic high blood pressure, injury or vascular problems can break down some of the fatty tissue that resides in the joints and feet.  When connective tissue is lacking, stabilizing inserts can be a great idea to reduce the stresses on the affected joints.  These orthotics are intended to limit stresses during walking or running.   In sum, joint pain can happen to anyone at any time.  It is important to see Dr. Ullom at Rocky Mountain Chiro Care if you are experiencing any type of joint pain so he can reduce the damage the imbalances are causing, prescribe you a rehabilitation schedule and get you back on your feet..

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