Maintenance Chiropractic Adjustments Recommended by Spine Journal

Maintenance Chiropractic Adjustments Recommended by Spine Journal

This is going to be one of those huge research articles in Chiropractic that the media just didn’t run with .  In this research article from SPINE Journal recommends following up initial intensive chiropractic work with maintenance care (with a frequency of twice a month) for better outcomes for chronic low back pain and prevention of future flare ups.1

In Pain disability questionnaire scores (Both VAS and Oswestry) decreased perpetually for the maintenance group. Pain (VAS Score) and disability (Oswestry) were reduced continually with the group receiving maintenance treatment.  To learn more about this study you can read the abstract or get the article.

In conclusion they found that “we suggest that maintained SM is beneficial to patients with chronic nonspecific LBP particularly those who gain improvement after initial intensive manipulation to maintain the improved post-treatment pain and disability levels.”

1Senna MK, Machaly,.  Does maintained spinal manipulation therapy for chronic nonspecific low back pain result in better long-term outcome?, Spine. 2011 Aug 15;36(18):1427-37.

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