Rheumatiod Arthritis Pain can be Alleviated with Chriorpactic

Arthritis pain Help

There is no cure for the autoimmune disorder of Rheumatoid Arthritis yet, but treatment is available to help you control the effects of it.  Regular chiropractic care can help keep the chronic systemic inflammation in check and provide relief for Arthritis patients.

Chronic inflammatory processes or diseases are kept at bay by white blood cells.  White blood cells are the cleaners of the body so-to-speak.  Their job is to clean up rouge, dying, and foreign cells in your body.  An increase White blood cell production has been linked to getting adjusted, specifically to the thoracic or mid back region.

When mid back is stuck or Subluxated the sympathetic nervous system gets affected and your immune system pays the price.  This makes it much more likely for you to have difficulties removing inflammation from your body and makes you more susceptible to attacks by foreign invaders like viruses making you sick.

One Rheumatoid Arthritis case, sticks out in my mind was a woman in her mid 50’s who had been been dealing with this for over ten years.  Her arthritis was polyarticular and affected both hands and wrists, you can read more about this rare disease here if you are interested.  She had taken multiple different medications with no relief.  Her pain was a TEN on a one to ten scale and couldn’t even grab the steering wheel to drive to the office.  Upon taking x-rays it was found that she had multiple subluxations and alignment problems.  After working on her for several weeks and adding some nutritional support her pain began subsiding.  After a months of care her pain was significantly better and she was able to drive herself to her appointments although is was still painful.  In six months her pain was at a one out of ten and she was ecstatic.

This is just one example of chiropractic helping someone.  If you or someone you love are living in Fort Collins or the surrounding area and looking for solutions to your pain, pick up the phone and call Dr. Mathew Ullom, BSc, DC at 970-491-9191 today.  Consultations with this Fort Collins Chiropractor have and always will be Free!


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