Disc Problems

What is a Disc?Discs are shock-absorbing rings of fibrocartilage that separate the bony vertebral bodies while allowing movement at each spinal level and enough room for the major spinal nerves to exit from the spinal canal and travel to the limbs. Discs are firmly attached to the vertebrae (bones), above and below. The ring around the outside is tough and fibrous, and the center is rather more like the consistency of a thick gel.

Despite what most people fear, your Florida Spine and Injury Doctor will reassure you that, they can’t ‘slip’ out of place. Instead spinal discs wear down with age (dispositions), but most disc problems arise from traumatic injuries.

Disc injuries can occur with accumulated trauma such as lifting for many years. Or, they can bulge (prolapse), herniate or even rupture following a once-off incident.


How Does a Back Disc become Injured?

The pressures within the discs can reach high levels when we bend or twist, even without carrying a heavy load. Carrying heavy loads increases the loads on the discs, especially when carried away from the body.

If one part of the fibrous outer ring of the disc is weakened through stress and tissue damage more than the adjacent areas, the softer center (nucleus pulposus) may push its way through, bulging outwards. If this bulge presses against a nerve, which is running from the spinal cord to one of the legs, it causes neural symptoms in that leg (eg. Pins and needles, weakness).

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