Chiropractic Heals Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just play recreationally, at some point you might find yourself in debilitating pain from playing the sport you love.  At these times, a chiropractor with knowledge in rehabilitation and sports may be able to assist you.  A chiropractor can assist you with advice on therapy, health, nutrition and chiropractic rehabilitation.  A chiropractor with knowledge of sports medicine can assist an athlete in a variety of areas.

A sports chiropractor can treat your sports injury by restoring nervous function throughout your body, thereby allowing your injury to heal more readily.  Lots of strains are commonly related to nerve blockage, which can be effectively treated throughout chiropractic adjustments.  Aside from aiding sports injuries chiropractors can provide athletic maintenance, which will improve performance

Many elite athletes rely on chiropractic care to stay at the top of their game, including Tom Brady and Tiger Woods.  In addition, many of these sports chiropractors have worked in their field for long enough that they have sufficient knowledge in a variety of traumas that may result from sports injuries.

As an athlete, you should see a chiropractor routinely, as they can help you in all areas of your game, including your nutrition, exercise and health habits.  No matter what sport you enjoy, or play seriously, a chiropractor can benefit you as they have benefited Olympic athletes, stunt men, runners, football players, tennis players, and a wide range of other top-performers.

Although a sports chiropractor may specify in sports rehabilitation and athletics, these chiropractors are trained in an array of traumas including car accidents and even chronic back and neck pain.  Chiropractors are useful in curing fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome, whiplash, wrist pain, hip pain, and other common ailments.

If you have any of these injuries you should contact your Dr. Mat Ullom immediately.  Although he may be the team chiropractor for Colorado State’s rugby team he has knowledge and experience treating many different injuries and diseases.  There is no need to suffer, seek chiropractic care from Dr. Mat and get your health back the natural way.

Dr. Mathew Ullom a chiropractor in Fort Collins offers a free of charge consultation to anyone looking into chiropractic and how it might help them. “This way you can make an informed decision, if chiropractic is right for you.” Dr. Mathew Ullom, BSc, DC is located at   220 W Prospect Rd Ste D, Fort Collins, CO. 80526. He can be reached by telephone at 970-491-9191..

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