Blackhawks captain Concussion and Chiropractic

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Jonathan Toews was not 100% following a concussion from last years playoffs, but was still cleared by the NHL to play.  He had cleared all the NHL concussion protocols but continued to have slight issues with balance and eyesight.

The lock out allowed him to undergo a battery of tests and corrective methods at the Carrick Institute at Life University in Marietta, GA.

Toews states, “Everything I did down there helped me go back to ground zero and get back to where it was when I havdn’t ever had a concussion.  I’m feeling really good and confident that if I do get hit again it’s not such a big deal.” To read more about this click here.

Concussions are not something to take lightly.  I was told by the athletic trainer that a few years back a CSU womens rugby player had a concussion and went back out to play AMA (Against Medical Advice) and died on the field from another impact.  This is why having a baseline SCAT2 in the preseason is so important.  This is not the end all be all in concussions but it is a great tool to help get a player back to a baseline to be considered to return to play following a concussion..

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