The Thyroid: Can chiropractic help?

Symptoms of hypothyroid You can easily see some of the symptoms associated with hypo or hyper-thyroidism in the picture so I won’t go into those, but there are a few other less known symptoms that I will mention.

Individuals with hypothyroidism can suffer from a laundry list of musculoskeletal problems, like carpal tunnel syndrome, autoimmune joint diseases (like arthritis or joint degeneration), inflammation, headaches, back pain caused by being overweight, and slow recovery from muscle injuries.[i]  You may also have a sluggish Achilles tendon reflex in subclinical hypothyroidism.  In severe cases you may even get a hoarse voice.  Other factors such as gluten sensitivity, vitamin D imbalances, blood sugar instability, and intestinal permeability also may play a roll.

Most people don’t know these symptoms can be caused by hypothyroidism.  It is not uncommon for a chiropractor to be the first to connect these dots so to speak.

First off chiropractic is not and should not be the only course of treatment for a thyroid problem.  I say this because there is no one thing that is going to turn this around, it takes a team approach,of multiple professionals.  You need guidance in a healthy lifestyle, sound nutrition, a healthy diet, and you need to choose for yourself what the best team is for you.  It would be unwise to only take into consideration the advice of one such professional, whether it is your MD, nutritionist or chiropractor.

The reasoning behind chiropractic helping is that every cell tissue and organ in the body is controlled by our nervous system.  If the communication from your brain, down you spinal cord and out through your nerves is restricted the organ at the end of that nerve will suffer.  Specifically the Vegas nerve supplies parasympathetic fibers and the superior, middle, and inferior ganglions of the sympathetic trunk supply sympathetic fibers[ii] , affecting the thyroid.

In the end, if you have a thyroid problem you must decide what is the best course of action to help you deal with your condition.  Hopefully you can create a team of health care providers, including a Fort Collins Chiropractor, to address the broad spectrum of issues, to make your quality of life better.

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