Turning Breech Babies

I bring this up because most people know nothing about it.  There are 8 ligaments that hold the uterus in place.  When one or more of these ligaments have excess tension on them, tension is placed on the uterus creating a situation where the fetus would rather be in a non-optimal position.  This is not only limited to breach presentations, but also transverse presentations.  The obvious question is why this is happening.  There are multiple different scenarios that can cause this to happen.  Only geting a complete evaluation by a qualified practitioner can tell for sure.  The cause of this problem can not be diagnosed by all doctors.  Only someone who looks at the way the body functions, and addresses the nervous system can gather a more complete picture.

Mal position of the pelvis is one of the causes of positional problems.  When the bones of the pelvis are misaligned this creates torsion in the pelvis.  The ligaments are affected by either direct or indirect attachments, which creates tension within the pelvic cavity altering the shape of the pelvis affecting the position of the uterus.  These misalignments may also create tension on both sacral nerves and the lumbar nerves as the travel through or near the pelvis creating a host of other problems such as dribbling, infertility, bowl issues, and may others.

So if you or someone you know finds yourself in the predicament during pregnancy, find a qualified chiropractor in your area that can properly address and treat this correctable condition.  Pregnancy should not be a series of back pain and bathroom trips.  Get evaluated today!.

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