Burning Fat

The best way to burn fat is to get the body into a state where there is more fat in the blood stream than any other energy source.  This condition occurs when you first wake up in the morning, since you haven’t eaten all night.  It makes your body burn the fat that is in your blood stream, as long as you don’t eat before your workout.  But make sure you eat after your workout.  Not eating breakfast puts your body into starvation mode and will turn what ever you eat later into fat to store up for the next starvation period.  What you put into your body following your work out is the fuel your body is going to use to repair all of the tissues damaged during work out.  So don’t just eat a protein bar which is only a glorified candy bar, (look at the label and see how much sugar is in it) get a good quality protein drink.  Preferably something that is cold pressed so that the delicate cystein molucle isn’t dammaged.  You need this molecule to utilize the protein effectively.  Dream Protein is one brand I recomend.  Remember the more muscle you have the more energy your body is going to burn..

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