TMD of the TMJ and the Whole Body Approach

TMD of the TMJ and the Whole Body Approach

TMJ Chiropractor Fort CollinsOur approach is that TMJ is based on the principle that the symptom is not really the problem, that you need to treat the system, that the system is out of balance and that the tension , the adaptation, and the compensation is creating a lot of the symptomatology of the pain pattern.

We need to treat the system first, doing the foundational work so that the system will calm down, relax and be more in a healing mode.  I work at the Cottonwood Dental in Alamosa with dentists that specialize in TMJ problems and basically I deal with everything else besides the jaw-teeth/tooth relationship, which is the dentists responsibility.  Things such as cranial distortions, sutural membrane tension patterns, and pain patterns as well as all the mechanics of the spine and pelvis are what I focus on.  I even look at the feet/foot relationships, checking for correct foot posture that is relative to postural muscles that can affect the jaw.

When you take this holistic approach and if symptoms, pain, and headaches don’t resolve, then will  even get into diet, nutritional, and psychological stress factors.  We start at the base creating a foundation to work off of structurally and then follow what your body needs.

The reality is that no one has a pat answer, there is no quick fix, and there is no shortcut to TMJ.  TMJ has always been, and still is a black hole in healthcare because; there is no one specialty that has all the answers.

The reality of the stresses of our life is amazing, we are constantly multitasking, talking on the phone while driving, and thinking about other things while doing something else instead of living in the moment.  It’s just un-natural, we are so amazingly over stressed and over stimulated, that we are not able to focus on what our bodies need, and how deficient we are in things like nutrition, exercise and rest.  That’s the core of what yoga and meditation is all about, calming your nervous system down and becoming more in touch with how much tension you are carrying in your body.

TMJ is so much about clenching patterns and tensions you carry, that if you look at all these factors its overwhelming.  You can’t possibly fix or change all of them but, you need to address and acknowledge them so that you know where the problems are coming from and that you can actually manage them.

At Rocky Mountain Chiro Care It is our number one goal to get you better quickly, without the need of surgery or any type of drugs.  Give us a call 970-491-9191 and schedule your free consultation to see if we can help you..

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