Summer Fashion can hurt more than you feet!

Are your summer sandals causing you foot pain

Three main things are important to your feet when it comes to footwear:

• Arch support
• Shock absorption
• Side-to-side protection

These are not the things we think about in our favorite summer time footwear such as flip-flops, sandals, and heels. There are also boots for ice fishing.

We often wear these types of footwear because they are stylish, convenient, and fun for summer. However, these shoes are not helping out our gait or our posture.


Flip-flops and sandals offer little to no protection and can greatly affect gait. The lack of overall support causes the feet to grip the bottom of our sandals as we walk with our toes so they do not fall off.

Wearing flip-flops and sandals for long periods of time can add stress to the feet upon impact, causing us to take shorter steps.

A New York Times article states, “People wearing flip-flops also don’t bring their toes up as much as the leg swings forward. That results in a larger angle to the ankle and a shorter stride length.”[1]

This type of change to our strides can disrupt our feet immensely, potentially causing plantar fasciitis and unsightly bunions. It can also affect other aspects of our bodies including the knees, hips, and posture.

Flimsy sandals and less protective footwear may be nice on a hot summer day, but as time goes on, your joints and body will undergo wear and tear from lack of support.


Although wearing high heels or sandals will not immediately affect posture, long-term usage can create problems.

Our feet are the foundation of our posture to the body. We need good footwear during the day to protect our feet, provide stability, and to ensure proper posture.

When walking in sandals, high heels, and other constricting footwear, the muscles and joints in our feet compensate for the lack of protection and cannot dissipate the forces of impact with the ground.

The lack of heel and forefoot protection causes our feet to rotate inward. This inward rotation of the feet causes the impact forces to travel up to the knees and hips which changes how we walk.

If sandals are frequently worn throughout the summer, our posture and foot health can easily be affected.

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[1] Parker-Pope, Tara. (June 5, 2008). Summer Flip Flops May Lead to Foot Pain.

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