Breakfast: The most important meal of the day

Are you the type of person who manages to eat breakfast in the morning? Do you ever skip on breakfast before work when you’re short on time? Many Americans will eat a doughnut and coffee as they walk out the door but could this habit be detrimental to one’s health?  Skipping a balanced breakfast is a straight path to type two diabetes and can put you at risk for weight gain.  Why else is eating a healthy breakfast important aside from avoiding diabetes risk and keeping off the pounds? Studies show that what you eat for breakfast can influence the way you think and feel throughout the day. Detox Fort Collins One expert, Katherine Tucker, a professor at Tufts University believes, “When you skip breakfast, you miss out on the vital nutrients that promote peak cognition.”  In younger generations, it is easy to see kids are skipping breakfast, and suffering from fatigue and attention disorders, which can lower test grades as consequence.  But it is not only children who skip breakfast, working men and women alike are succumbing to this trend.  In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition women who skipped breakfast were researched and the conclusion was that they consumed far more calories on average than women who ate breakfast throughout the day.  Similarly,  the group who skipped had elevated LDL and insulin, and low HDL levels, all of which can be pre-diabetic and diabetic indicators. In a similar study, The University of Massachusetts Medical School found “people who regularly skipped breakfast were 420% more likely to be obese than individuals who ate breakfast.”  With a finding showing such a strong obesity correlation, this habit can obviously pose major health issues.  Diabetes, for instance is contributed to a drop in blood glucose levels after skipping breakfast.   When blood-glucose levels are low a drop in motivation and even cognition can be observed.  Numerous other studies have even correlated a drop in glucose levels to a lack in self-control.  In sum, a balanced breakfast is important due to a variety of mental and physical benefits.

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