Leg Pain Therapy Fort Collins

Fort Collins Leg Pain SolutionsLeg pain can result from a many different lower leg conditions; this can be very serious, or harmless. You can narrow down the the list of leg disorders you may be suffering from if you’ve had a history of trauma, overuse, of disuse of the legs. Thrombosis, which usually occurs in older patients, and can usually be indicated by leg pain in the lower calf region in Fort Collins. This leg disorder is very serious, and unfortunately, it is usually difficult to differentiate from muscle strain, or minor swelling.

Exercise induced lower leg pain is common among athletes. It comes from a biomechanical imbalance in the foot, which puts strain in the calf causing the pain.

To understand the exact cause of the leg pain, your chiropractor, Dr. Mathew Ullom BSc, DC, will go through your health history, as well as administer neurological and orthopaedic testing, and diagnostic radiography. A personalized treatment regimen will be developed by the chiropractor specifically for you..

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