Fort Collins Spinal Decompression

Low back pain relief in Fort CollinsFort Collins Spinal Decompression

Back pain sufferers from all over Larimer County can now rejoice as Rocky Mountain Chiro Care has a spinal decompression machine and protocol to help save and improve degenerated discs.

We are all constantly under pressure from gravitational forces which squash the delicately soft discs which interject and connect our spines. Over time, the discs can dehydrate and bulge which can irritate your nerves, leading to severe discomfort. Medication only masks the underlying problem.

Dr. Mat Ullom, a board certified doctor of chiropractic said, “We now offer our patients a sophisticated machine which gently undoes the forces which are against spinal tissue”. He went on to suggest, “Our main objective has been to stop compression of the spine and the machine has blown away our expectations”.

Spinal Decompression Therapy, as with many chiropractic treatments, always has skeptics ready and waiting to pounce. However, in an independent study, Dr Thomas A. Gionis had 219 patients treated and had a 92% success rate.

Brian Griffin, who participated in the experiment said, “My back had been causing me pain for years, I have tried all of the medicines and acupuncture. Nothing has been more helpful than spinal decompression therapy”.

Once the spine has been gently pulled there is more space for the nerves, which have vital communications to and from the brain, the body is able to restore its normal function again.  This means relief for neck, upper back, and shoulder pain as well as headaches is most instances.

Their spinal decompression machine works by stretching, with pauses in between, which helps the spine’s mobility and increases the normal function of the facet joints.  Discs, which are soft and pulpy matter that connect the bones of the spine together, are restored back to their normal size and function.

In Fort Collins, spinal decompression therapy is known to help not only lower back pain, but also sciatica, neuropathy, disc herniations and cervical neck problems. This drug free and natural way of treating adults and children is becoming more accepted by the majority, especially with the previous results.

Gravity is all around us and cannot be stopped, but its effects can be reversed with a little time and some spinal decompression therapy. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor at Rocky Mountain Chiro Care offers its patients a natural approach to wellness..

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