Client Testimonials for Dr. Ullom – Ft. Collins Chiropractor

A patient of Dr. Mat Ullom’s tells her story about her shoulder injury following and auto accident abut how Dr. Mat helped her.

Listen to this testimonial on how this runners plantar fasciitis symptoms were resolved in short order. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or foot pain and are ready to take your next step towards resolution don’t hesitate to call Dr. Mat!

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Having my back feeling better and not having a bump on my back has greatly improved my life. Dr. Ullom has worked wonders with my back and has also helped my husband to feel better and has improved his back immensely. C.R.

I can not express how much Dr. Mat has helped my foot – I had been in so much pain from plantar faciitis for over 6 months – I went to a regular foot Dr. – he did give me inserts for my shoes which helped, but I have seen Dr. Mat for 1 ½ months and my foot has improves so much – I am back to hiking on the weekends and enjoying my life again – I really did not think I would improve when I first came in, but it is the best time and money I have spent to get such an improvement. All the people in the office are great and really care about their patients – I would recommend Dr. Mat and his whole team – K.H.

I have found Dr. Ullom’s treatments to be very helpful, for one thing it has taught me to stand up straighter. My ankle and wrist are much better. B.P.

For 21 years I have had many troubles with my jaw. So bad that I stopped eating many foods, and had trouble with my lower back. I would simply sit up in the morning, and my lower back would already be tired. Only to get worse as the day went on. After going to Dr. Ullom for treatment, I am worlds better. I had forgotten what it was like to not hurt. I now sleep better, eat better, and have mor energy then I thought possible. I also know that I have been in good hands when it comes to my care. Thanks! M.B.

My experience with Dr. Ullom was wonderful. I’ve always had problems with flexibility even when younger. I didn’thave much faith that it could be improved. The truth turned out to be that by doing the exercises prescribed by Dr. Ullom, my range of motion increased in a striking way after a few weeks of effort. The best part of the results was diminishement of pain. My body is stronger now and better able to support me in my activities. He was always encouraging and his help in stretching my legs and hips during the weekly visits made me willing to make the effort required. Thanks, Dr. Ullom! S.S.

Before coming to Dr. Mat, I was getting bad headaches twice a week. Right now I haven’t had a headache in over a month. With the exercises I’ve learned in rehab, I can now prevent my pain. I also had a jaw that popped and a sprained wrist that are completely healed! Thanks Dr. Mat! Alex

Before I went to Dr. Mat I was in bad shape. If I needed to ride in a car longer than 30 min I would be in severe pain. The pain go so bad that if my husband would touch the spot I would scream out in pain. Some nights I would have to crawl to bed crying because of the pain. It has changed so much since I started going to Dr. Mat. Having my back feeling better means so much to me. I am finally able to enjoy my life and go anywhere I want to without worring about how much pain I will be in afterward. I would just like to thank you again and again! S.V.

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