graston technique

The human body and especially the working of the spine and joints relative to all the muscles and tendons in our body, can be very complex system.  Intricate issues and problems call for a flexible approach form our doctors with modern and effective tools at their fingertips.  Fort Collins chiropractor Dr. Mathew Ullom, DC draws from a multifaceted toolbox of chiropractic techniques at Rocky Mountain Chiro Care. Perhaps one of the most unknown, yet highly effective techniques in Fort Collins is Graston.

Making successful use of instruments, using Graston in Fort Collins is a unique approach to get results in difficult cases. This equipment is designed especially to identify fibrotic tissues, massage the body and subsequently discover any areas where there maybe problematic restrictions. Other primary aims are to locate and break down scar tissue, mobilize the soft tissues, increase muscular flexibility, and to generally encourage a patient’s range of motion. The result from an average application is pain invariably lessens.

When Fort Collins Chiropractor Dr. Ullom, DC administers The Graston in Fort Collins, he prompts temporary inflammation and swelling. This in turn brings with it a movement of blood flow to the problem area which will facilitate the healing process.

At the start of a session before treatment begins, it is very important to warm the afflicted muscles.  To ensure the area is warm it is also likely that we will place a hot-pack on the problem area or use exercise to achieve this.  Dr. Ullom can show you several exercises you can take part in while in the office, or at home before visiting us if your injury allows you to do so.  These exercises will add warmth to the problem area.   This makes doubly sure that your muscles are at the desired temperature for the Fort Collins Graston Technique to work most effectively.

Usually a session will take 5 to 10 minutes with this treatment, and on average you will need 6 to 10 visits.  It is recommended that at the end of each session to apply ice.  The ice will soothe the swelling and any discomfort. It is also recommended to apply ice when you get home.

The Graston Technique in Fort Collins is known to promote good health and long-term wellness in our patients.  We’re standing by, ready to discuss more about how the Graston Technique in Fort Collins can help you.

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