Created by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead DC, the Gonstead technique remains a great innovation in treating spinal issues. A number of chiropractic centers worldwide have adopted this technique. At Rocky Mountain Chiro Care, our Fort Collins chiropractor, Dr. Mathew Ullom, BSc, DC, uses the Gonstead Technique to address subluxations in the neck and back vertebrae.

The central philosophy of the Gonstead Technique in Fort Collins, is that spinal subluxations are liable to create symptoms or problems in other parts of your body. Dr. Ullom has been consistently successful in finding the source of an issue and treating the entire body to resolve pain and facilitate healing. Through analysis and application, an adjustment to the spine can thereby treat another seemingly unrelated issue, like arthritic pain, headaches, irritable bowel, asthma and many more.

After graduating from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Gonstead spent the early part of his career honing the Gonstead Technique. He then devoted his work in chiropractic care for the rest of his life. There is no denying that his career as a mechanical engineer produced an almost seamless fusion of ideas that gave us the Gonstead Technique in Fort Collins.

“Find the subluxation, accept it where you find it, correct it and leave it alone.” -Dr. Gonstead

The above statement is at the core of how the technique should be initiated. In Fort Collins, we facilitate the Gonstead Technique method by highlighting the exact area of subluxation, and fixing just that area, as well as relieving pressure on nerves from the spine. As seen by Dr. Ullom, in Fort Collins, the Gonstead Technique has restored pain-free, optimal health to a many patients. However it should also be taken into account that the Gonstead Technique is not suited to all vertebral problems and health issues.

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