Vitamin Water is it healthy?

Anyone who believes that a product made by Coca-cola can be healthy has been seriously duped by an expensive advertising campaign. Most of the general public is easily swayed by a well thought out campaign without really thinking about it. When you look into vitamin water all it really is a bunch of sugar, 33g, which is almost the equivalent of a coke, and pinch of synthetic vitamins (not much). Check out an article from the Huffington Post, , for more details.

You would be so much farther ahead in your quest for health to drink filtered water. This will help remove the heavy metals, fluoride, and prescriptions and fluoride found in most of the countries drinking water ( ). If you must add some flavor to your water try to stick to tea, or lemon juice and honey. Please avoid all of the artificial sweeteners like nutrasweet, sacchrine, equal, splenda, and many more, they can cause many adverse effects when you really look into the research.

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