Is your Jaw Pain Jabbing you?

Is your Jaw Pain Jabbing you?

TMJ Chiropractor Fort CollinsTo relieve jaw pain caused by a TMJ or TMD, temporal mandibular joint or disorder, you first need to understand what structures make up the joint.  For this post I will concentrate on some of the musculature that is related to jaw pain and what can be done about your jaw pain in Fort Collins today.

Jaw Pain Chiropractor

The some of the primary muscles seen above that can cause jaw pain are the Temporalis, Buccinator, Masseter and the Pterygoids.  When these muscles become overactive and tight they can cause wear and tear on the disc of the jaw which may cause clicking, popping, or locking of the jaw which may be painful but isn’t always.

Stretching these muscles is just one of the many solutions that may help Dr. Ullom alleviate your jaw pain in Fort Collins today.  There are many other possible causes and treatments of jaw pain that can help you that have not been discussed here.  Schedule a consultation with a Fort Collins Chiropractor right now, 970.491.9191 if you are fed up with your pain and want solutions..

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