Does bed rest work for low back pain?

Bed rest does not help Fort Collins Back PainResting in Bed will not help your back!

At best there may be no change in your pain, but you will probably learn first-hand that you low back pain or sciatica may worsen by following this advice.

Another common misconception is that taking over-the-counter or prescription pain killers will help.  This may reduce your symptoms, but the problem will still remain and there are serious risks in side effects or a tendency for abuse.

A trend in recent studies relates the best treatment for back pain is active exercise therapy (ie. Movement), chiropractic care and products from Scientific Bracing. Here are the highpoints of a few research studies:

  • The Manga Report, from the Univ. of Ottawa, Canada, concluded that low back pain was was more effectively treated in terms of results, cost and safety with a higher patient satisfaction than medical management.
  • The UK Clinical Standards Advisory Group, in its criticism of mainstream back pain treatment in Britain, reported that bed rest could be responsible for serious long-term back problems.  It also stated that 95% of back pain sufferers could be treated by a chiropractor when pain lasts three days or longer.
  • US Federal Agency for Health Care agreed with this, suggesting that acute low back pain could best be treated with mild exercise, like walking, and that chiropractic adjustments could relieve pain, especially within a month of the onset of pain.
  • A RAND Corporation Study looking at more than 1600 participants with acute low back pain over the course of two years, concluded that those who received chiropractic care improved faster than those treated with medicine.  It also reported that pain relief with chiropractic adjustments was faster than with the use of physiotherapy and pain relievers.

So the next time you think about following the conventional wisdom of bed rest to ease the pain in your low back,  think again and make an appointment with Fort Collins chiropractor, Dr. Mat Ullom, BSc, DC and come in for an evaluation.  And, let your friends and family know that the research shows that chiropractic care is safe and effective for back pain and many other conditions..

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